(“Advance Properties”) was founded by the entrepreneurs Mr. Kiril Domuschiev and Mr. Georgi Domuschiev. The company was incorporated in 1990 when private business enterprises became possible in Bulgaria. At that time Domuschiev family established several companies dealing with production and trade.

During its development Advance Properties has established and acquired many companies and after its latest successful acquisition in March 2021, currently Advance Properties holds investments in 107 subsidiary and 4 associated companies located in 26 countries. The vast portfolio of products and services is well recognised around the world. 

The structure of Advance Properties Group ensures flexibility and effectiveness of the management process, taking investment decisions and developing new markets, technologies and products. This flexible organization gives the main advantage of Advance Properties – strategic investing, based on financial strength and versatility.


Once a decision is made then a goal is set!

Turn your dreams into goals and start chasing them.
We never leave a business behind.

Business is passion, passion is our drive!

Main Business Lines In Strategic Sectors

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